We meet every Sunday at Friars Baptist Church, Shoeburyness, at 1030am, and we'd love to see you.

There's no need to dress up, or call ahead to tell us that you're coming, just bringyourself, and if you want, anyone else, and worship God.

There'll be free coffee, cake and lots of conversation afterwards, and we'd love to meet you.



Yes, we do Sundays. But that's not all. With activities most days throughout the week, theres bound to be something for everyone.


Click below to find out what's on, and how you can get involved too.

Our Mission Statement

‘being and making disciples of Jesus Christ’

Our Vision

We seek to be an expression of the people of God in Shoeburyness. As such, we are committed to loving, serving and evangelising our community. We are committed to bringing others to personal faith and adding them to the church. Thus, we are committed to being a growing church. We seek, in cooperation with other churches in the town, to change the spiritual and moral climate of Shoeburyness. We seek to honour the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and to demonstrate His love through the way in which we conduct our life together and the way that we relate to those not yet part of the church. We aim to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to discern the particular priorities that He has for us at any given time.

Our Values

We want to be a mission people: committed to spreading the GOOD NEWS of Jesus’ saving power to everyone - both near to home and across the world. We want to be a baptist people: seeing believers baptised in water, baptised in the Holy Spirit, encouraged to live their lives in the power of the Holy Spirit and learning to use their gifts to the benefit of the whole church body. We want to be a grace people: enabling believers to enjoy the grace of God, freely receiving His love without condition or obligation and confident that salvation is a gift that cannot be earned. We want to be a bible people: committed to the bible as the revealed Word of God. It is the basis for all that we teach and the guidance for our lives both individually and together. We love it, honour it and teach it. We want to be a Spirit led people: responding to the direction and prompting of the Holy Spirit as He makes known the mind of God and ensuring that all such perceived leading is in keeping with the teaching of the bible. We want to be a family people: the church being an extended family that cares for the needs of one another. Godly singleness, family life, marriage and good parenting are highly valued, nurtured and protected.