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Rev Duncan Keys- “Nothing Matters”

Being and Making Disciples of Jesus

Rev Duncan Keys- “Nothing Matters”

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  1. Joyce says:

    Rob, thinking about Ian Paisley, It was interesting to hear that he used to be fervent and excited about the Lord and who he was, and then the change to absolute hatred for the Catholics. Because Christ is love and loved us all no matter who we were and are. Was it learned, or was his early ministry false? Christ said We are to love our enemies, if we can do that it is easier to love our neighbours making it easier to love our families and then ourselves. Rob was also brought up in the Presbyterian Church and said he used to feel ashamed when Ian Paisley went on his rants. On another thought, The comment you made re :” It is what we do” A movie we watched many years ago called ” Tears of the Sun, a story about the wars in Africa a rebel tribe attempting to wipe out the people by raping and pillaging villages and do ing such atrocious acts on women a comm ent was made by one of the fleeing people that that “is what they do. We all have been given free will to change, I cannot understand why people do such deliberate evil, We need to encourage people we can change what used to be. Good sermon Duncan Blessings

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